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Welcome to our Pilates studio in Lee, South East London where we run a comprehensive range of Pilates classes for all ages and abilities as well as private and semi-private sessions in our fully equipped Reformer studio.

We firmly believe Pilates is about functional movement which allows us to live life to the fullest.  Walking, tennis, golf, getting up and dressed in the morning, bending to pick something up from the floor, sitting on the floor to play with children/grandchildren are all functional activities.   From the simplest movement to excelling at our favourite sport, it is essential we keep moving. 


At our studio this is our ethos and passion, to be able to move functionally so that we can continue to lead our best life and feel flexible and strong, particularly as we age.  Do read Ron’s testimonial below, he is an inspiration to us all.

I hope you will come and try a free class with us and begin to feel the benefits of moving, breathing and improving in your body.

"Pilates has been a great help to me after dealing with Fibromyalgia and then a hip replacement - and seems to be keeping the second hip replacement at bay.  Thank you, Julie and Caroline, for that." ~Dawn

Ron's Testimonial

"I was already well into my eighties when I first dropped in, but was welcomed and encouraged to attend. After a few weeks, I noticed that I was more upright when walking, and I was particularly aware of the easing tension in my neck and shoulders. The gradual improvement in posture and ease of movement has continued over the past four or five years. I pay more attention to wrists and ankles. Occasional sessions on the Reformers have also helped. Balance is still an issue - and the odd hearing aid has been known to whistle or get in the way when using the head cushions! Now at 91, I have no doubt that what we affectionately call Julie's Pilates has been and remains the major factor in my continuing health and wellbeing." 
~Ron, Age 91
"It is an absolute honour and privilege to have Ron in our mat classes, he is an inspiration to us all. I always said I wanted to be fit and mobile at 80, but maybe I need to set my sights even higher." 
~Julie replies to Ron, Studio Owner & Teacher

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