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I have been practicing Pilates on and off since I was pregnant with my first in 2006 and I can honestly say that, whilst I have clearly been taught the right techniques, I have never understood WHY the principles are as they are until I found your class. I am a vocal coach and it was lovely to hear Julie enthusing about the spine, it reminded me of how I am when I talk about a larynx!!

Claire - Vocal Coach

I remember my very first pilates class with Julie …. as a somewhat anxious first time mum leaving my baby for the first time … hour and fifteen minute later I left feeling taller, lighter and like my whole body and mind had been given a total workout in a good way, and knew from that moment on Pilates had to be for life for me. I am very happy to say my once “dodgy” back now appears to be a thing of the past thanks to Pilates and Julie. Julie seems to bring something extra to her classes, knows her subject inside out and is an inspiration and a truly fantastic teacher.

Angela - Trainee Pilates Teacher and Mum

I have taken classes with Julie for over 2 years. In that time, she has never repeated a class. She is hands-on, not afraid to adjust you in a kind and gentle manner. Her positive approach is infectious as she happily works to challenge and help us know our bodies better. Rather than be stagnate, she pushes herself and her dedication to keeping fit as a role model is readily apparent. I am afraid the next teacher I have will not be near as impressive as I head back to America. Thanks Julie!


What else other than Pilates and who else other than Julie can make you grow an inch in an hour and put your body back in a straight line?

Jo - aged 51

Julie is a fantastic teacher who is very professional, encouraging and creates a very friendly atmosphere in all her classes and workshops. Pilates has done wonders for my core strength and muscle definition and is an amazing way to keep in shape. I continued to attend Julie’s classes whilst pregnant and am currently having private sessions with Julie to rebuild my core strength and toning post pregnancy which have been great and very effective.

Vicki - Designer and Mum

Pilates, at its best, is a brilliant form of exercise. And Pilates with Julie is Pilates at its best. Julie has the ability to focus on each class member individually and give each of us the exact help we need. Most exercise bores me, but I hate to miss a Pilates class with Julie. My flexibility, shape and strength have improved, and there is always so much more to learn.

Judy - Psychotherapist